An alternative VideoHive search result page

Hi all,

As part of our current hack fort, we’re trying out a new layout for VideoHive search results. We are testing the hypothesis that larger preview images will help finding the right content more quickly.

The new layout is turned on for 5% of the community. If you are one of those who can see it, please give us your feedback - what do you like, what is bothering you? Is there anything missing on the new layout that would help you find content, are there any bugs? Whatever it its, we want to hear it!

Ronja & team


Popular items are not displayed in the new format.

I like this search results. So much better

In grid view Video Rollover working incorrectly. Sound playing but no video. In List view I can see only preview images.

New layout means just titles and durations? Or it’s a bug?

Hi @RomanP thanks for that - looks like you’ve found a bug! Would you be able to let us know what browser and operating system you’re using?

some Preview images are not loaded, for example my Clean Logo Reveal just shows a black screen in the new grid view.
Do a search for “Clean Logo Reveal” and you see the bug with this file:

Win 7 , Mozila and Chrome gives the same result

Hi Tobi, link to your project works fine. As always I see inline image, description, etc. Preview also working fine. But if I try to search “Clean Logo Reveal” it’s a grid of titles and durations :slight_smile:

yes the problem is not on the item page, it is in search results.
Here is the search result page, and for me the 8th result is my CLean Logo Reveal just showing black instead of my preview image:

The same it’s happening with me too.
The 80x80 image is missing and the video preview doesn’t play I only can hear the sound.
I hope that’s only a bug because this layout doesn’t help us to promote our work.

Thank you to all who have provided more details. We’ve temporarily disabled the new result page until we resolve some issues with Windows 7 clients, hope to have an update to you soon.

Thanks @Creattive, I’ve fixed the bug with these select few preview images already. You’ll see it when the new results page returns.

Thanks again to everyone for helping us out with these teething issues, we hope you’ll agree that the new-look search and category browsing pages will be worth it. Please continue to let us know should you see any other issues or strange behaviour!

We’ve fixed some of the issues reported yesterday, and are resuming a limited rollout of the new VideoHive search results! If you see them, make sure to have a play around and let us know what you think :smile:

Just seen this and it looks really good.

I love the new design and works well for me, but in fact lack the new icons, rating and sales data.


@urbazon, you raised this about 2 weeks ago and it looks like they took your suggestion very seriously!
BTW, I like the new media player a lot, now I can go backward and forward easily!
Awesome updates!

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+1 to juanmita, I’d like to see the ratings/sales as well.


Love both the new search preview and the new video player - great work!

I think that having the search results displayed this way can help boost sales for items that don’t have thousands of sales since all items are displayed in the same way, and don’t have an indication of sale amount.

And I also love the fast loading video preview!

Great improvements overall! :smiley:

One thing I’ve noticed from looking at the first page of all items (standard ‘newest first’ view) is that looped videos have a little ‘loop’ icon on the preview. I think that’s a great addition, very handy.

However, when I search for some of my items, none of my lopped videos have that icon. Does this only appear on videos that have been approved after the change to the way they are displayed? Any way of applying it retroactively?


Mhhhh… I m not sure of this …really messy !

As a buyer I see less projects on one page and I have to click twice more to see other pages.
The result is that even more than today, only the first results will have buyers, I really prefer small icons, it’s just easier to choose something.

Having number of sales and ratings is important for a buyer if he has no time to find quickly something great.

Really guys, i’m not sure this is an improvement…isn’t it possible to have this as an optionnal view mode ?

(I have black screens on Windows 8.1 and Chrome)

Adding those features will make it even good :blush: