Popular search suggestions on VideoHive

Hi all,

Following our previous release on VideoHive home page, we have now extended this feature to include a list of suggested popular searches as you type in the search box. The library contains a list of the most common searches collected over the last 8 months.

This feature is currently available on the home page for 50% of the community. We will be monitoring the performance and search usage before rolling it out to everyone on VideoHive.

Here’s a sneak peek of how it works:

Thanks and happy searching!


Nice update, but I think that you should focus a lot more on search results. At this moment search is totally oriented towards exact file name… so if you type “logo reveal” in search on the first page you’ll get 7 results from the same author who named all those files “logo reveal”:


A lot of them are made few years ago with only few sales and not rated… I don’t see how’s that fair to other authors?

Hello again,

Just an update, this feature is now available to everyone on VideoHive :slight_smile: Again, we’ll be monitoring performance and usage closely. Thanks!