Tests on VideoHive Search/Category pages

Over the past year we’ve been redesigning the search results/category pages on each Market through a series of A/B tests. VideoHive is the final market for this project, and today we’ve launched the test to 50% of our users. This means you may or may not see the new design while it is being tested.

What’s changed?

  • newly designed item card, bringing VideoHive inline with our other Markets
  • added sales and star rating where an item has them
  • included the author name and category
  • made the cart button more prominent
  • added a scrubbable progress bar to the preview
  • added the ability to preview in full screen
  • show the amount of clips included where applicable
  • on mobile, you can now tap to preview directly on the search results

There are no changes to the search algorithm in this test.


Very interesting! Cool!

Looks much better :+1:

Perfect! Was waiting for this update! :slight_smile:

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