Black item previews on VideoHive

Hi! I have just noticed that today some preview images can’t be viewed. Instead of them
we can see only black rectangles. Could you please solve this problem? Thank you!


Hi @BonaFidex! When I view that page, your video preview loads normally, but it fades in from black when it starts playing. What should the initial frame for that preview video show?


I really don’t understand your reply.
Are you wondering what should be displayed? It should display a “thumbnail” that best describes each author’s footage, not a black frame.

Yes, “selected” thumbnails should be displayed when we upload.
He would never have chosen a black frame for a “thumbnail” representing his video when uploading his portfolio.

I wrote a thread with the same content a few days ago.
in my case, video does not contain black frames.
Other authors who have responded to my thread will probably do the same.
A black frame is not a representative thumbnail of our video.

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Thanks @shnfilm - I just wanted to confirm that the video previews uploaded for these items don’t start with a black frame, as that looked like the case when I first checked the results. On a closer look, I realise that it should default to showing the preview thumbnail in search results though, and only begin playing the video preview on mouseover.

(my apologies - I’m not too familiar with how the files are set up for VideoHive item pages)

I’ll raise this with our Market development team.

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Thank you for your support.

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Graphicriver has the same problems, some previews were slid. They stuck not to the top of the image, but somewhere in the middle

Thanks @GorynArt - that looks like a separate issue, so I’ll report that one as well.

The VideoHive preview issue is currently being investigated, and looks like a caching problem on our end. I’ll update this thread once a fix has been deployed.

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@BenLeong @KingDog Please attention!.

Thank you


All my projects except 2 show black instead of their thumbnails. Tested on 3 different browsers on 2 different computers. This is happening for at least 4 days.

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This is the second time this has happened to me. And the second time drawdown in the number of sales. Now all the sales go to those who have a preview. :smile:


Same over here, I was thinking it was a problem just from my side, internet connection or something, but it looks like a problem within the site.

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Hi all.

The bug that was causing this has now been resolved, with a fix that our Market engineers deployed around 10am this morning.

All VideoHive item previews are now showing the correct thumbnails again.


Thank you very much @BenLeong

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Perfect, thanks @BenLeong

Hello everyone