Thumbnails gallery in Item/Profile description stopped showing

Hello, colleagues!
I noticed that my html code with videohive item thumbnails gallery recently stopped showing in the profile and item description pages. Now it just not showing thumbnails at all (Chrome and IE). All thumbnails pictures source were linked to Videohive, i mean i didn’t upload thumbnails to thirdparty picture hosting services. Anyone has the same issue?

Hi! I think I’ve found the reason: looks like Envato has changed some adresses of thumbnails.

For example before was:

And the actual is:

Scary to think we need to fix all of them manually.

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And the old ones we have in description now do not work. :sweat:

Thanks for tip, got it. It will be pretty annoying to edit all the links.:hushed:

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Let’s see maybe the devs can make the readressing.