What is a Thumbnail on VideoHive?

Hello everyone,

I apologize in advance, this is probably a dumb question, but I want to be sure in what I am doing. I am about to upload my first ever project on Videohive, and when uploading there is a request for including a thumbnail. My friend, who also makes money on envato but on audiojungle, told me that this is just your logo. But I am still not sure, is it really just a logo or a picture from your project? Would be great if someone could clarify this simple thing for me.


Your logo (profile thumbnail) will be used if you don’t upload one specifically. Makes sense for music as there’s nothing really to ‘see’, but they can be a good marketing tool where you can add text or images to better describe the track.

They’re more important on VideoHive though, as you can use a still from the actual video.

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So basically thumbnail is the picture of your project? The one that you see when clicking on any authors work?

Open videohive.net and on the main page you will see 80*80 pixels icons representing projects - this is thumbnail.

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Ok, thanks! <3