Envato Jingles | A Hack Fort 2015 Initiative

Our learned colleague Adrian recently mentioned Hack Fort 2015 projects here.

One of the many ideas pitched to the company was Envato Jingles: a world where the skills of our composers, vocalists, voiceovers and copywriters across the Envato community could produce jingles. That’s right, we’re talking about customised audio for radio, TV, web videos, in store and on hold.

The aim of the Hack Fort project was to run a lean test of the Envato Jingles concept in under 2 weeks and get some quick feedback and learnings about whether this product has legs. We proposed 2 types of Envato Jingles : Express and Custom.

A core team of 3 (no UX or devs!) built a website using the following items from Envato Market:

We then contacted a small group of contributors and stakeholders with a concept and the beta website and got an excellent response rate. The nature of the responses ranged from very enthusiastic to serious caution.

Thanks to all of the authors that took their time to provide feedback. We definitely think that there is enough interest for us to create a Jingles category in Envato Studio - rather than the fixed price offering proposed by Envato Jingles, this would allow you to offer a full Jingles writing service at a price that you decide (in line with Envato Studio pricing guidelines)

The Express service needs more thought - based on feedback received, we’ll put this on ice for now, but if you have any great ideas on how we can create a Jingles (or other!) service that brings together amazing AudioJungle tracks with the awesome Envato Studio categories such as Voiceovers and Copywriting, please let us know at jingles@envato.com !

We’ll keep the Envato Jingles website running where you can register your interest, and we’ll respond to any author or buyer requests as they come in.

Thanks again for all those who provided feedback - as always, we’ll keep you updated on any developments in the Jingles area.

The Envato Jingles Team


Nice idea. But submit form is not working. Hanged on “SUBMITTING”

Thanks for the feedback @LumenMedia - I forgot to mention in the post that we used Formstack to build the forms… another component to our non-dev team focused delivery :slight_smile:

For some reason as you mentioned, the form isn’t working within the lightbox in the page. But the forms can be accessed at https://envato.formstack.com/forms/jingles_authors or https://envato.formstack.com/forms/jingles_buyers and are working there.

We’ll take a look at fixing up the embedded forms.

Wow! Thats awesome idea! We’ve thought about that when we’ve seen the Envato Studio at the first time! :grin: :smile:

Can you summarise the feedback or give clues as to what kinds of insights made you change your approach?

We are trying to make our submission, but it doesn’t work =(

This link is working https://envato.formstack.com/forms/jingles_authors

Thanks to all those who have responded so far. Great to see interest in this idea!

Apologies for some of the issues with the form submission - we’ve updated it to load the Formstack form in a new browser tab and it should work now

cc @RedLionProduction

When will envato studio have a ‘jingles’ section?