Enter & Win in our Latest Envato Remix Contest - Music Remix & Performance Challenge

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We have so many musically talented members of our community we wanted to dedicate our latest Envato Remix event to our music and audio enthusiasts!

We’re providing our community with a backing track and we want to see members remix the track and submit a recorded video performance of their work!

What We’re Looking For

We want you to create a melody or a full song based on the provided backing track and then record a video of yourself performing all or part of your new track and then share it with us!

How to Enter

  1. Download the 30-second backing track.
  2. Create, compose, and remix your unique song based on the provided audio. Your submission should be between 1-3 minutes in length.
  3. Post your video to either YouTube or Vimeo and embed your video in this official thread as your entry. Your video MUST contain you actually performing and/or playing along with the track you have created. It could just be one element of your track such as a piano or guitar solo or it could feature multiple members of your band, you just need to be in the video! Camera-shy? No problem! Just show your hands playing along with your instrument(s) of choice.
  4. Complete our official entry form once you have submitted your video.
  5. Submit your entry by 12pm ( midday) on October 30, 2015 AEST.

Musical Guidelines

  • You must keep the backing track intact within the project
  • You can produce your submission in any style. Make it rock, make it corporate, make it dubstep, anything goes!
  • You can compose and arrange percussion, bass, leads, and supporting harmonies as you wish.
  • You can improvise your performance over your production, or you can compose it first and perform it.
  • You may use vocals/lyrics if you wish, but it’s optional.


  • Grand Prize
    • $500 (via either PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill)
    • 1-Year Subscription to Tuts+ ($180 value)
    • Envato Studio voucher - $150
    • AudioJungle Featured Author home page promotion
    • AudioJungle Featured Item of the Week home page promotion (item of your choice!)
    • A “Won a Contest” community badge
  • Runner-up Prize
    • $250 (via either PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill)
    • Monthly Subscription to Tuts+
    • Envato Studio voucher - $75
    • AudioJungle Featured Item of the Week home page promotion (item of your choice!)


At the end of the contest period (October 30) AudioJungle staff will select the Top 5 entries. The AudioJungle staff will then vote on those Top 5 entries to decide our winners! Judging will be based on a combination of appealing musicality, creativity, and artistic performance value.

Winners will be announced by November 6, 2015.

We're looking forward to seeing (and hearing!) your entries, good luck!


Hey amazing contest with awesome prizes! :slight_smile:


Featured author and featured item… Those prizes are insane! :astonished:


I went to shoot video :smile:

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Really impression me!!! It will be necessary to try my hand, although I have a weak spot - a video :slight_smile:

featured authour and item, Amazing

Will definitely participate! Thanks @scottwills !

Hi @Synthezx! Check out the FAQ page - we’ve linked to some Tuts+ tutorials that might be able to help with the video! As well as that, maybe there’s a way to get a friend to help you, or maybe the video you shoot yourself could be improved with a template from VideoHive, or maybe even collaborate directly with a VideoHive author? There’s always lots of ways to skin a cat!*

###Good luck!

  • No cats were actually harmed during the posting of this message. :cat2:


We’re going to hold you to that, Mega_Music! Look forward to seeing your entry! :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait to see the entries come! :smiley:


Ok :))) I then have to rent one of the Warner Bros studios for my guarantee victory :slight_smile: Bruce Willis will help with weapons and Monica Bellucci - with love scenes :slight_smile: Sorry, just kidding. Thank you very much, I will think on this subject obligatorily !! Very interesting topic !!


Cool :smiley: I would like to try it.

Cool contest! Let’s get our hands dirty :slight_smile:

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Wow! Will definitely give it a try!

Sounds great! Can’t wait to give this a go.

A quick question - Can I change the piano part to play with a swing instead of straight 8-notes? (I’ve seen in the FAQ page that tempo change and transposition is allowed, but this is a different question).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, you may. :thumbsup:

Great, Thank you Scott!

Well I’m not exactly a whizz on the guitar or keyboard, but I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

That featured item prize is motivation enough! :slight_smile:

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How much influence will the video have over the decision to pick a winner? Is it based solely on the quality of the remix? If someone is a great musician (not me but many here) but they lack the exquisite video, do they lose?

Thank you for yet another great contest and opportunity Envato!