Project Winston Wolfe - Hack Fort 2016

Hi everyone,

Steve from the design team here, and member of Project Winston Wolfe for Envato Hack Fort.

Our goal as a team over the next 2 weeks was to be the cleaners of Envato Market, and give some love to areas of the site that haven’t had much. We identified a few areas to focus on, areas that were achievable in the 9 days.

Over the next few days, you will see some small changes - changes that aren’t earth shattering, but changes that will make the experience of Market better.

Our first release is a clean up and restyle of the user settings page. Which will continue to be a focus for the next 7 days as we make incremental changes. You can now view the first release on your account settings page.

We look forward to bringing more throughout the week, and as always, look forward to your feedback!


Cool! SETTING PAGE CHANGED!! thank you :smiley:

Great news!!! : -)

Looks good!

A question though: will you be taking suggestions for other changes / hacks? I’ve posted about a fairly serious topic concerning AudioJungle in this thread that I think needs to be addressed by the discovery team: Hack Fort - March 2016


Hi Steven,

if anyone is listening around here, I surely hope it would be you, because what you’re set to do sounds like something we need.
Some of us have been almost begging for years for the portfolio page to get some love - is there any chance you could take a look at it? It is still the way it was 6+ years ago when I first joined. However now there are lots of authors with many (dozens, hundreds, thousands!) of items in their portfolios, yet the portfolio pages - unlike search pages - contain NO filters at all. Please consider taking a look at this :wink:

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Hi Urbazon,

My name is Samuel, Im one of the developers working on this project. We agree! The portfolio (+ profile) page definitely needs some love, while we will be mostly focusing on giving those pages a facelift, more sorting is a great suggestion.

You mention there is no filters on that page, and correct me if I’m looking in the wrong place, but there is in fact basic filtering (see below):

But yes, it is very basic and perhaps not clear enough! We will work on making that more obvious in our re-design/facelift

Let me know if you have other questions or suggestions!


that is only display option, not a filter to narrow down displayed items. At least an option to filter portfolio per category/subcategory would be good for start. But, please compare portfolio page and this page: and you’ll see what I am talking about.

Also, it’s worth noting that, on a portfolio page, there is search field which can be used to search items in a portfolio. But, it has very bad behavior. Let me explain:
when author is browsing his/her own portfolio page, under each item there is an option to download that item (because it’s their own). However, if you use the search field to narrow down a specific item you’d like to download/edit, the option for download disappears. Believe me, it’s a nightmare for someone with a few thousands of items in portfolio :smiley:


@smlparry @StevenScott99

Great Initiative.

  1. The Settings tab is not active (the white bg for the link)

  2. Fix the Statements Page… Holy ****. Eight Lines for ONE SALE… Seriously???

  3. Fix the Author Dashboad. There’s nothing to balance on the left side comparing to 1700px height on the sidebar.

  4. Let me breath when I open the Profile dropdown menu.


5 . Fix the Main Dropdown Menu: The subcategories is a treasure now. only 1 out of 1000 get it. Please make it available for public, by either adding a Second-Level Dropdown Menu.

This also helps to the recent Popular Page changes. (Sublevel can accommodate popular tab for each sub-category)

Thank you.


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this, just this would make life of so many authors and buyers easier… we’re asking for this for years…

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Eh, just sharing my general dislike towards the updated profile page with that green banner… what’s the point of having 2 instances of the author avatar so close to each other, plus the same info already featured in the badges?

Would be a good user experience to make the whole thing (or at least the avatar and the author’s name) clickable linking to author’s profile page.

Hey @VladislavMartirosov, how are you?

Just curious, what usability benefit do you think this will provide? If you are seeing that banner, for another author, you should already be on their profile page.

Or, have you found this to not be the case? Let me know :smile:

@urbazon, I have pushed an update to show that download link on filtered portfolio items, although unfortunately, it is not currently live for AudioJungle waveforms. I do hope you get some benefit from it in its current form, ill be looking into the AD listings tomorrow.

@surjithctly, I love the idea of subcategories in the main dropdown! Unfortunately that change is a little out of scope for our project here.

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good job!! nice work guys… i love it

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Yes, thank you! :slight_smile:
Good job!

Hi @smlparry,

This banner is visible on all of author’s own pages (these ones:, so it would be nice to be able to quickly click on that big area and return to your profile page instead of aiming into that little ‘Profile’ link. As for other authors’ pages - I can be on an author’s ‘Portfolio’, ‘Followers’, ‘Following’ pages and see this banner, so basically the situation is the same.

But now, since some elements have been moved to it (sales, rating, etc.), I recommend to make only the avatar and the user name clickable linking to the profile page. It’s the same behavior as linking a website’s logo to it’s main page, it’s just natural and useful and there is no serious reason not to make it that way.

Anyway, I like the new updates, good job guys!


Thanks, what about the 1,2,3 and 4 points?


Looks good. Badges is very important for us/me. Add badges on the new banner too please! :smiley_cat:

Really? These are “improvements”? Page information is now LESS readable than before!

Why sacrifice usability for some subjective (and in this case, misguided) notion of supposedly aesthetically pleasing design?

This is a good time to recall the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Unfortunately, Envato seems to go the other way at every juncture.

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I like the changes, great job! There’s one thing I miss though, the author rating number with two decimal places is gone… Can you bring it back please?


Hi @smlparry will be nice if we can hide the “Hello!” section. An option via Edit Profile, after the “Show country on your profile and badges”, will fit perfectly. Thank you! Amazing job until now!

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