Envato Elements

hello, How long did it take before you were approved to sell on envato elements?


you will receive invitation email only if you were selected. If you not selected then you will not receive a response from envato elements or an invitation to become an author.

Please have a look at this article:


hello, have you become an author of Envato Elements?

no, till now.

well good luck , this is once again an arbitrary choice based on very nebulous criterias that no one knows about … LOL

Having a good taste aimed at creating trending nowadays styles is a huge plus :smiley:

I was waiting for invitation 6 months

and then they got you?

u can apply as much as u want , unless u are brilliant in corporatism, this is unlikely u get there lol

Yes. I’m Elements author since march 2019

can i see your portfolio?

Of course) On Graphicriver and Elements - find Sko4

good works! can you earn a lot on elements?

u are part of the poland - ukraine coalition? kidding lol

I didn’t know about coalition, but now I want to be a part))

no i was kidding but most of the people that i know who are there are eastern europe authors indeed, u , Novocaina (Paul) and so on …

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