Envato Elements -> Theme and plugin updates

Dear all,

I couldnt find this in the FAQ and I havent found a contactform on envanto.com so Im asking my question here.

If you download a theme/plugin from Elements.Envato.com
Does it come with theme/plugin updates ? (As in, will I get a notification that there’s a new version available and can I update it, or is it just version X and if you want the most up to date version you have to buy it outside elmenents.envato.com)

What about template kits ?

I hope someone can help me out with this.


Elements does not come with support or updates, and in some themes certain other features like demo content

I can understand support is not offered but why not updates?
Whats the point of WP themes/plugins on Elements, give people unpatched themes so they get hacked eventually ?