Envato Elements Questions


I have been using Envato’s Theme forest for some years, I purchase a licence per Wordpress website, configure updates etc etc.

I always wondered about how Elements work… More specifically:

  • Can I use the theme, I downloaded multiple times, for multiple clients if I create a separated “Project” ?
  • What happens if the theme/font/element leaves elements? What should I do to keep in compliance?
  • Can I place the wp files on the clients cPanel? Since some clients do have their own server…
  • Can I use any font in elements to create Branding?
  • Can I convert the fonts to .woff and use them on a website?
  • Can I use any image/vector/font for any client portfolio, brand, page etc?

I don’t understand the pricing/legality usage so I always did one wp license per/client and a free webfont like google… I understand Elements don’t give out updates, still can I still make a sale using Elements elements =?

Hoping someone can help out,
Thank you for your time!


I can answer some, but for the more complex ones like font usage, I’d recommend opening up a help ticket:

Envato Elements Help and Support

For the theme you can use it for multiple clients as long as you make a separate project for both, download them separately for each project and complete the project while your subscription is active :grin:

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