Envato Elements MUSIC

Dear Envato Elements,
Please, fix your audio player! It is terrible! All the time the player loading, loading and again loading. And internet connection is not the fault. My stats - PING ms 0, DOWNLOAD Mbps 922.15, UPLOAD Mbps 913.30. It’s not possible to listen to tracks in a different parts. So hard to choose the right track for my project! I noticed this issue long time ago, actually from the very beginning of envato elements born. By the way, other services works well, without this kind of issue.


Yeah I have noticed bugs on that site too. Very hard to listen to tracks, they freeze pretty often.

@MF_Production, as an AJ author selling on the market… Why are you supporting that subscription market? Why not just buy tracks on AJ?..or is it out of your budget to buy individual syncs?


Actually, I’m not supporting that subscription, especially with this kind of bugs :triumph:
Time to time I’m working in video editing projects and some clients with whom I’m working use that subscription, unfortunately.

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Some of us AJ authors may be glad to hear that :rofl:


For sure :joy: