Envato Elements Music Takes Long to Load


I’ve reported this bug many times to Envato but it has not been addressed. I am writing about it on a forum now so hopefully this will get more attention so they can see it.

On Audiojungle/Envato’s main site, you can click play and then go to the next track and hit play and everything plays smoothly. It’s easy to quickly find and search for what you want for your project.

On Envato Elements you can click play but if you click play and skim through like 6 songs, on the 7th song it takes forever to load or won’t load at all. It’s as if you’re moving to fast for the site. But this isn’t an issue on AudioJungle. I wish that they used the same sort of code or something so that you could quickly skim through tracks like on AudioJungle. I think the last time I reported this was last year. It’s an issue when you’re trying to work quickly but you have to refresh the page in order to skim through more songs.


Honestly, here on AudioJungle forum we don’t like to talk about Elements… We all know the reasons very well…

The same problem exists on Audiojungle as well. In my case, an endless loading can start from any track.

The problem has been around for more than one or two years.

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I know this is old but what are the reasons? I’ve used it for YEARS the only issue i still have to this day is the audio taking long to load.

The issue, for authors, is that this subscription model is devastating. Most of us are now starving because of such an exploitative scheme.


Unfortunately we contributors and AJ authors have our own reasons why… :cry: