Envato Element: Wordpress theme unlimited downloads at $16.50/m


If I go with Envato Elements: Wordpress unlimited downloads at $16.50/m and if i stop using it after 7-8 months,
1)Do I have to pay $16.50/m even if i am not useing it anymore?
2)Will my previous downloaded themes will still work fine, even if i am not paying anymore?

Please help me on this!



  1. You don’t have to pay after unsubscribe the service but if you subscribe for 1 year and if you cancel your annual subscription three months before your payment is due, you will still get access for another three months.
  2. All your previous download (registered end product) will work fine for you but worth mentioning also that you cannot stockpile items (store for the future) from elements.
    You need to be subscribed when competing the project.


Hi @gacharyacharya,

Please do note that the payment options for Envato Elements are currently $33 /month or $198 /year (which is effectively $16.50 per month billed annually). You will be able to choose your preferred payment option when you subscribe.

Now, onto your questions! :smiley:

You can cancel your membership at any time to stop it from renewing. After that, you will not be billed any further, and you will lose the ability to download all items on the platform.

Yes – anything you download and use during your subscription will continue to work as-is. Keep in mind that due to the nature of Envato Elements, items do not include automatic updates or technical support, neither during your subscription nor after it expires.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

(@mgscoder beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:)


Be carefull… Pluggins ins not unlimited.

You download these and you need a real licence… So you need to pay.

Hi @Jaywyr,

Envato Elements includes a simple commercial license that grants you the right to use any items downloaded under the same easy terms. You can find the details here – https://elements.envato.com/license-terms

Many plugins will ask you for a purchase code – this is required for automatic updates of the plugin. Elements does not issue purchase codes for its downloads, so you cannot enable that feature. However, you should be able to skip that license step and use the plugin normally.

If you have discovered a plugin which will not work without entering a purchase code, please open an Elements Help Ticket. They take this issue very seriously and will have the author update the plugin to remove that license requirement.



Yes, but why all of pluggins I donwloaded that need to activate with a purchase code ?

After all, the deal is ok for me, but they give a lot of things and that is confused.


As Envato Elements don’t provide any purchase code You don’t need any purchase codes to use Element’s items. You can just ignore any requests to enter one. please just ignore entering the purchase code and it will work fine for you.


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Thank you for the help!

But if I go with unlimited downloads can I use single theme on multiple websites buy registering it again.

Yes, you can. If you want to use that theme again for your another website(another end product) then again you have to register. Thanks

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Thank you!

But is it safe to use Envato Elements theme, because they do not provide any tehncial support if required.

yes, it is fully safe to use elements theme. If you need author support then If you like, you can certainly purchase the Item license individually from Envato Market which will come with 6 months of Author support. Thanks