Envato Cyber Monday / Black Friday 2017

Hey folks,

The Authors and Envato Marketing team are cooking up the biggest Envato Sale event of the year… Our Cyber Monday/ Black Friday sale is just around the corner.

We’ll be posting the landing page here when it’s finally time to get underway, so watch this space and keep your eyes peeled…

It’s coming and it’s gonna be awesome :wink:

And we’re live! https://envato.com/cybermonday


Thank you!) To all successful sales!)

Is the launch price better than the Black Friday prices for Elements? If I buy now and the price drops can I get a refund or credit for the difference?

would like to know about Elements price as well

And we’re live!


Any banners for promotion?

Can we use same envato cyber monday promotional banner for other items?

This doesn’t include “Bookly – #1 WordPress Booking Plugin”?

Unfortunately I do not have money in my Visa now

When will the Discount end?

@CodePassenger Negative. Please only use the promotional material for the items directly involved in the campaign.

@basimkamal Sale concludes at 2pm on the 29th of November AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

@brian7997 the discounted price is identical :slight_smile:

Thanks for giving us the end date. I couldn’t find it anywhere and it is kind of important :wink: I wanted to wait on clarification of the elements deal.

I didn’t use but I saw all over the market which are not involved in the campaign. :frowning:

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