Envato Birthday campaign - FAQ

Later this month, Envato will running a cross-channel marketing campaign for our 12th birthday - featuring discounted items from across five marketplaces, and promoted via email, social media, on site and via our affiliates.

This thread is a place to ask questions about the campaign, to keep them all in one place (instead of spreading things out across five different threads).

Key points

  • For this campaign we will be featuring selected items that are at a discount of 40% from their normal sale price.
  • The campaign will be live between 4pm Tuesday 28th August - 4pm Monday 3rd September (AEST).

Nomination threads

You can find the nomination threads for each marketplace here:

Timeline of events

  • August 6: We launch the nomination process (you’re reading it right now!)
  • August 20: Item nominations close.
  • August 23: We will inform the authors of selected items and will provide more details via email.
  • August 28: Campaign commences.
  • September 3: Campaign closes.

What happens after I nominate my item(s)?

  • If your item(s) are selected, we will contact you via the email address you provided.
  • We will provide information about how and when your item price will be changed.
  • Selected items will be promoted through our marketing channels as of Tuesday, August 28th and will remain promoted until Monday, 3rd September (4pm - 4pm AEST).

If you have any other questions relating to the campaign, please post them here. I’ll be able to follow up with the relevant teams for you, and I’ll post answers here as I receive them.


My birthday will be on 22th august :blush:

Hey @BenLeong I guess you should update the date there :slight_smile:


@WildLion_Production Happy early birthday :slight_smile:

@modeltheme Thanks! Some time in the next four months or so, I should figure out what year it is :smiley:

I’ve just updated the confirmation screen shown after you complete the nomination form.

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Hi Ben,

Because AJ authors have just had ADP put in place, many of us have adjusted our prices and won’t have had a 30 day period of the adjusted price. Also, historically, AJ authors do not tend to get ratings for their items, are you planning on adjusting that requirement for the AJ community?


Hi, @BenLeong

I was said for one suggestion on Monstrous March Campaign. Here, I am again remind.

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@FlossieWood Great question - I suspect that the system-generated prices (i.e. old price and the new one automatically switched to once the fixed buyer fee was added) will both be treated as a “stable” price, but any subsequent price changes after ADP was introduced will mean that we can’t advertise it as a discount for this campaign. I’ll check with our Campaigns team, and will post here once I have a confirmed answer.

@HarnishDesign I haven’t seen the designs for the landing page yet, but I can find out more detail on this. The birthday campaign won’t feature as many items as the Monstrous March one though - so customers shouldn’t have to sift through hundreds of items to find things that interest them.

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Hi @BenLeong

  1. Like somebody said before - in the AJ rating factor is strongly decreasing possibility of nominating great and popular tracks. ON AJ tracks usually have hundreds of sales and less than three ratings. And I suppose it’s impossible to nominate track with less than three ratings?

  2. And again like someone said before - when ADP came to AJ, everybody has been testing pricing. All my tracks which has been rated had some changes in prices. I would reconsider this issue for this campaign.

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@BenLeong Hi Ben! I already selected 3 items for the campaign. However, I wish to switch 2 of them as just now I received 5 stars to meet the nomination criteria. As today is the last day for the nomination, can you please help? Thanks in advance!

@IndWorks - no worries, send me a private message with details about the items :slight_smile:

I haven’t received confirmation on how (or if) ADP affects the “consistent price” requirement - I’m still checking this with the teams involved.

For the item rating / AJ question, we’re keeping the minimum rating for the Birthday campaign nominations, but will continue using the regular minimum sales or minimum rating version for other AudioJungle marketing promotions (Free File nominations, etc). We’re after a smaller group of items for this specific campaign, but will try to ensure that we still have other events that can help promote tracks with fewer than 3 ratings.

The campaign landing page will allow customers to filter by category, but won’t have a search option - however, the total number of items promoted in the 12th Birthday campaign will be far less than the March Madness campaign earlier this year.

Thanks a lot Ben! I have PMed you the details :slight_smile:

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@BenLeong Have you sent emails to the authors of selected items yet?

Was wondering the same :thinking:

Still not received any email for the items which were selected for campaigns. Anyone got the email ?

Hi all! Confirmation emails for this campaign will now be going out tomorrow morning, slightly later than planned.

Sorry for the delay! If you have items selected for the birthday campaign, you should receive an email tomorrow morning, Melbourne time.

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Got my mail, cheers :slight_smile:

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Hello, buy the template classiads, and when I want to install demo content “Fantro” the install button does not respond. Someone knows how I can solve this, or maybe how to get the XML file to install the demo content. Thank you very much

Hi guys! just a friendly reminder for those authors who are new to ADP, please, have in mind that the total discount in your earnings will be more than 40% (we made an example down below with another campaign that had a 50% discount). We’ve asked this numerous times in other campaign topics, but we never got a response. Maybe we’ll be luckier this time:


Hi @BenLeong ,

My item was selected for Nomination .and i want to add new feature can i update it today .the campaign will start tomorrow .