Envato Birthday campaign - FAQ

Hi @Odin_Design :slight_smile: The Fixed Buyer Fees are set at an item category level, and won’t be changing during this campaign - this is mentioned in all the item nomination threads. The costs of bringing in traffic and delivering content to customers remain pretty constant. With any discount-based promotion, it’s up to each individual author to decide whether the additional customers is worth participating.

@Ristana No worries - the campaign landing page will link through to your item listing, so you can update the item at any time.

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@BenLeong I absolutely agree with @RedOctopus . Ratings never and nobody basically does not put, because buyers consider it not necessary. I’m writing to the track ( “.txt” in each zip archive with the track) so that they (buyers rated), but no one pays attention to this. The conclusion of these competitions is yours(a contest for authors who received a rating when it was profitable, but for the new of the authors - NO!), they are available only for those authors when the rating was the main trump in the author’s moneybox, but now the buyers do not pay attention to this rating, and the authors in turn are dismissed from the competition. This is wrong, I think. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Even when I write in support of Envato, I always put a rating! But buyers do not make it! That’s not fair to do! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: A normal and anquate question is created: “Why are we (the authors) here? And what are we doing here? If you have old authors with ratings!” Your contests do not give an opportunity to advance new authors, so these competitions for most talented authors are meaningless!

P.S. I will wait for my rating to retirement (across 30 years) to participate in your contest!


@BenLeong I understand that you are just a subordinate in your work! Send him my message. so it will be correct I believe! Let him pay attention to this problem our commander-in-chief @Collis ! Let the @Collis solve this problem, if you can not @BenLeong !
Good Luck!


@CleanMagicAudio I’ll see what I can do - you shouldn’t need to wait until you retire before you have items with enough ratings to qualify :smiley:

Changing the qualifying criteria for each marketplace is definitely something we can work on for future events. Like everything, there’s a balance we’re working towards: criteria that produce a high enough level of quality as perceived by customers, while also allowing as many authors as possible to participate.

We’ll be sending another post-campaign feedback survey to everyone taking part this year, and I’ll also be compiling all the suggestions that have been raised here on the forums. We run several smaller campaigns each year, and a few very big ones - all of these benefit from refining and improving our processes with each new iteration.


The category switching between music and logos on the landing page doesn’t seem to work. For now logos category looks just spammed with the rest of the music that doesn’t really belong to logos. And I can’t find my item at all despite it has been selected for the promo.

@BenLeong My item was selected for a birthday campaign, but it doesn’t appear on campaign landing page. The item price was reduced. It should be in video section.

I did not find my item on the rebates page. I only see categories in After Effects and Premiere. My FCPX item: https://videohive.net/item/transpack-volume-i/21589524

Ben, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:



Though our item is selected for the Birthday campaign, I could not find our item in the Campaign’s page

Our item has been selected for the campaign

Can you please check and let me know what was the issue?

On your landing page my item price is $21 but on the item page is $26 ?

That’s right! Logos are spammed with music tracks. @BenLeong please fix this. Cheers!

And another one. My item Stomp and Claps Logo on the landing page is priced for 5$. On the item page it’s 3$. ??

Hi there,

In the campaign landing page my item price is $3, but in the item page the price is $4,
I think the prices in the Landing page are rounded down but in the item pages the prices are rounded up.

Could you please check that.
Thank you

@BenLeong hope someone take a look at this because already got e-mail from a customer asking about this and after him talking with envato support they told him we have changed the price which make no sense.

@BenLeong It’s been a day, is anybody going to fix anything or at least give us some answer? The price has dropped, but I can’t see my item on the campaign page. Logos and idents category doesn’t work.

Hi @BenLeong,

We are happy that our item is included in the Envato birthday campaign but we don’t like how this campaign is placing the items. We applied with two themes in the birthday campaign and Envato approved both. But our two items are in the last page in the ‘Themes & Templates’ area.

I think that if there can be a random order for each page load it would be fair for all the authors who applied for this campaign.

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I really doubt they are gonna do it - too little time left, and see @BenLeong is probably so freaking busy that can’t even find 5 minute a day to give at least one reply to this thread. The landing page was broken for two days, basically they stole that time from some authors and nobody even apologised for that. This campaign is a bad joke on many levels.

I’m not really sure if it matter that much, my plugin is on the second page and it’s been doing really good so far.

Was a good campaign guys thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi there! Thank you for including me in this campaign. As far as i know i need MANUALLY return price to original level after it will be finshed? And is it finished now?