Envato Author Support


Envato Author Support sent email to us more than 22 days ago, About we want to disable your account and our partner “Onfido” will send email to you and you can verify yourself, But Onfido never sent email to us, I try contact to jimmy and envato author support to please tell to Onfido to resend email again but they didn’t reply to us, I try to contact Onfido and they told me Envato never requested to send verification email to you .

Please guide me if anyone knows whats going on here.

Please open a support ticket here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new They will be happy to help.

In the forums, we discuss general matters, only Envato Help & Support team has access to account related issues, so it’s better to continue though the support system.

Thanks for your help,
I sent many request via that link and I replied many time to that email which @Jimmy_J sent to me but no luck, I didn’t ask for help here, I just want to know is there anyone with same issue which can help me trough this problem or not.