Envato Analytics "Entrances"?

Hi guys,
I remember seeing a guide for the Envato Analytics, but I can’t seem to find it. Could anyone point me to it? I wanna know what :“Entrances” means exactly :smile: Is it the number of people who actually open the demo?


Well I didn’t know anything about this before I started searching but this are some quoted answers from the old forums:

Entrances are when a user enters the site through the given item page. So if a user comes to your item page directly from Google or from YT, Twitter and such, they would be counted as an entrance.

Another answer:

It’s quite simple; let’s say, as example, that for your item page, the statistics are now:
pageviews=100 and entrances=20
Example A
if a user reaches your item page from Google search (or from another search engine or from a referrer) then both metrics are incremented and the analytics will show:
pageviews=101 and entrances=21
Example B
if the user reaches your page from another page of Envato Market, only pageviews will be incremented:
pageviews=101 and entrances=20
Consider that “Entrance” means the page which served as an entrance point to a website (Envato market in this case).


Second one:

Hope this will help you out :slight_smile:


Hi Proxibolt,
Thank you very much for the explanation, my own guess was totally off :smile:

I got it. i thought that “entrances” when someone downloaded your preview file. :smiley_cat:

I am glad I could help :relaxed:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: