Does anybody know what these "Analytics" Items parameters mean? Appreciate if somebody could tell me about them

I’m not an expert so take my explanations with a grain of salt, however, this is how I read it:

Pageviews: How often your item page was visited.
Unique Pageviews: How many different IPs have visited your item page.
Entrances: How many people did come right to your item page and were not browsing on videohive directly before they landed on your page. This is an indicator for people referring users to your item specifically.
Avg Time on Page is self explaining I guess.
Bounce Rate: Percentage of Pageviews that result in an almost immediate leave of your item page, e.g. people who click on your item and use the back-function of their browser shortly after that.

Exits: % of Pageviews that left videohive after the visit of your item page and did not continue browsing on videohive. This could be due to external links in your description that drive people away.

Especially on the Bounce Rate I’m not sure. I think you can google most of the stuff, but this is how I understand these values.


Thank you very much for you help @Creattive !! :blush:

Thank you very much, it’s useful!