If someone could explain me the Analytics parameters, that'd be great!



Hi fellow creative folks!

Let me get straight to the matter - can someone explain me the parameters included in the Analytics page of any item - Audio, in my particular case.

So, here they are:

Pageviews - this one’s pretty clear, right

Unique Pageviews - the name says it all

Entrances - what’s this? The number of people who actually accessed the very link of an item? If so, what’s the difference between a ‘Pageview’ and ‘Entrance’?

Avg. Time on Page - OK, this one’s pretty clear as well

Bounce Rate - expressed in percentage, but what exactly does this mean?

% Exits - I can assume what this is, but why so important?

I hope that this conversation might be useful for other creative folks as well, and I appreciate your help! Experienced members, please be gentle :slight_smile:


What is Bounce Rate?

Hello AB_SoundProduction,

The field Entrances counts the number of instances when someone accessed your item page directly from outside of Envato (or possibly AJ). For instance, if you’d put a link to your item page on Facebook, Soundcloud, Youtube, whatever, people accessing your item page via these links would be counted as Entrances. Same thing if someone accessed your item page directly from google. In a perfect world Entrances numbers should match Referrals volumes, though for some reason, it doesn’t always.

Bounce Rate is usually calculated as visits/single page visits. It’s the percentage of sessions where only the item page was accessed. There was no further interactions with other pages. However, it is not clear if the bounce rate here applies to the whole marketplace or to your pages (items, profile).

Exits is the percentage of instances your item page was the last page of the session. It may be important to monitor and/or compare with other pages depending on your goals and KPIs.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Visits from Videohive are also counted as entrances.


That surely was very helpful! Thank you :slight_smile:


Why Envato just don’t make a tutorial for everyone to clearly understand their statistics? =|


Had to bump here, if a customer only listens in the list view and doesn’t enter our item page, does it increase pageviews?