Statistics, Analytics and Trending Items.

Hi everyone,
I would like to bring a debate about the system of analytics in each project item. It really doesn’t make sense to me why all author, clients and unregistered views are not separated.
I do understand that authors are also buying projects on Envato but I believe what that is a minority and it would be so much useful if each author could see exactly how many views potential clients viewed his item. I doubt there is a point to get 200 views per item, where ~70% from it are from other authors or unregistered users.
Also trending item system doesn’t work because you mostly depend on other authors who will view and comment on your item. In my opinion trending item should depend only on the potential clients who might be interested in it, not the authors!
My main point is that we need a better vision and understanding over our items because our main goal is to sell!
What do you think?

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Which is why views don’t matter! I guess they have a small amount of value, but to alter a common phrase slightly… views are vanity, number of sales are sanity.

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Views do matter because you could at least see if potential clients are interested in the specific type or direction of the project because they click to watch the preview. That could help each author to improve next time.

Just because a person is an author, doesn’t mean they’re not a customer too. In fact, if anything they are more likely to be a customer than an unregistered user.

I don’t disagree with the need for more analytics though (you can never have enough data/ analytical tools).

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True, but separation views on 3 categories ( clients, authors and unregistered users) would help a lot.
Is Envato planning to develop analytics in the future?