the useless analytics

I wonder when Envato will finally realize that the analytics, organized as now, are completely useless.

in order to understand trends, how my tracks are going, where the traffic is generated, etc, we absolutely need a general analytics page, with ALL the data of ALL the tracks visible at once, also with a longer time span (years, not months!)

i wonder which author with a portfolio of more than 10 tracks can get significant data from nowadays analytics without losing hours in the analysis!

To be honest. This “analytic” tool can be eliminated.
What shall it see and analyse with it?
To see that the page views go down from 15 on the first day to zero after one week?

No options to view one year or longer, no option to compare (own) tracks in one view, no option to view days and kind of license of sales of this track as a graph, no nothing…absolutely useless.

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Agree with both points above. I recall reading that authors gain access to some advanced analytics when they become Elite (very ironic given they presumably already have the magic ingredient to sell more tracks than the average content provider). Perhaps some Elite authors could verify this and share what it entails…