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how can I solve the problem with the second line with colors as you can see in attached photo? Even if I reduse the size of the photos I got the same result. And available colors are about 40. The only way to show each color is with radio option.
I also tried in theme options changing radio dimensions with no result
Please help.!

Hello :smiley:

Have you tried asking the author of that theme? Here is their support information - https://themeforest.net/item/logancee-responsive-ecommerce-shopify-template/13833684/support

And let us see the finished product :smiley:


Hi again
I tried to communicate with the author but I didn’t get any answer.
Also in the link that you provided me the Help Topic options are:

  1. Magento support
  2. Shopify support
  3. Customize service Magento
  4. Customize service Shopify+5. Feedback / Partner / Ads

I purchased Logancee theme for opencart. Where should I post my request?