Product Color and Texture variants in Shopify

Hi. I am a novice. I have Theme 3.0.7. in Shopify

I have many products which have variants.

Amber Brass

In “Product Colors and Textures” Section, I have all the normal colors in Hex Code, so black is
black: #000000
For the other two colours I uploaded as theme says a 60x60 picture to show the color variant on the product page.

Problem is.
Black is a small round circle showing black, but the “Snakeskin” and “Amber Brass” circle is bigger. It looks unprofessional.


Where do I change the size of the hex code colors to be the same as the texture pics.


Hi @ManieM. I’m not familiar with that theme, but you could try adding 60x60 images of the plain colours, using those hex codes - that should give the same preview images as your snakeskin and amber brass examples.

If you have a large number of hex code variants, it may be easier to find a way of changing the size of the colour samples. For a smaller number of variants, I’d just use the same sized preview images that you use for the textures.