Max Product image size limited

Running Depot Theme.
trying to update my site and running into the issue that images in Product pages are limited to max 530px.
I can adjust size and it response in Appearance-Customize between 0 and 530px, but above 530 there is no change.

is there a way to adjust this?
I have tried deactivating all plugins that could cause an interference with no success. (I first thought it was the configurator but it has no influence according to my testing)

  • Also some other issues: Bakerypage builder stuck at version 5.6 Cannot get newer versions despite depot theme being newer version then listed in changelog that alaready is supposed to have version 6.x of builder.
  • Cannot install WP visual composer, when i do it gets listed in the plugins list as Bakerypage builder and it does not activate.

would love some help here


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Hi @TransferTrust,

Have you contacted the author of the item for proper support?

This issue seems specific of the theme, I don’t think we can help you here on the forum.

thanks for your response.

spending 55$ to ask a question isnt really my cup of tea. I thought I would just try it here first, maybe someone recognized the issue :wink:

Hi @TransferTrust,

I understand, but technically speaking, these aren’t generic issues, they are really related to the theme itself, that is why I said we can’t be helpful here, otherwise I would try. You can ask pre sale questions by free on the item comment section, if you haven’t purchased the item yet:

I did purchase it, but dont have free support anymore.
i will try with the pre sale question


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