Elements projects without crediting AudioJungle music

It’s been a long time since there is a problem with crediting. So I’ve used brand new author help center to clear things out. This was my question:

Are Videohive and Elements authors obligated to credit AudioJungle authors in the description when they use their music?

I’m pretty sure that they are obligated to do that, but we, AudioJungle authors, have seen so many Elements projects with our music and without credits that I want to kindly ask you for a confirmation. I’ve seen situations when same project credits composers on the VideoHive and simultaneously doesn’t credit them on Elements. Regularly clients ask as on the forum if we can find music from Elements projects so it looks like it is problematic for them.

I would be grateful for your answer.

I will show you the answer as soon as I will get it. @PurpleFog thanks for being active in this matter.


There are still insane amounts of Elements video templates missing AJ credits. Really prominent Videohivers including senior reviewers who really should know better, do not bother to fill in music credits. It’s really unbelievable. So sad.

Hope you get some good news from support, I have contacted them so many times and unfortunately the answers just got more and more vague in terms of a solution.

The obvious solution is to make a field where music credits have to be filled in during upload. There also needs to be some action against authors who already have tons of uncredited video templates uploaded, like temporarily disable their items until they fill out credits for example.


Untill there is an option not to fill crediting line - people might not fill it.

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I think problem is not with Authors. It is with the Elements system. I believe most of us videohive authors fill in the field where it asks for audiojungle item id. But it don’t reflect anywhere in videohive or elements. We credit the audiojungle link in the videohive description page because it accepts html links. But elements don’t support that. Elements only accept the text description. No linking to other items. I remember sometime somewhere it was mentioned you should not provide links to any other items in elements description.

You’re right, the core of the issue lies with the Element system. When they realized they hadn’t thought of how to manage music credit/linking in video templates, they should have rolled out a fix asap. The fact they didn’t do a thing about it in two years is very disappointing.

Because of this the current policy, as staff said several times in the forums, is to credit the music in plain text in the description (song title by author). It’s lame, but its better than no credits whatsoever.

Crediting the music is to do right by the music author. Crediting the music is to do right by your buyer.

A short anecdote on this regard: about an year ago, when Audio had just been launched in Elements, a video author wrote me informing me that even he tried to link one of my tracks in his item description, the Element’s UI didn’t allowed him to. He was only able to write the name of the track in his description and let the customer do the search manually in AJ.

I think it’s nothing but intentional that Envato blocks the chance to add real links to the markets, something that has 0 complexity developement-wise. They seem to be discouraging the use of the markets in favor of an all-inside-elements solution.


And that’s the way it should be done.

And it’s obvious from the marketing point of view.

No, it’s not. They should be able to include a proper clickable link exactly as it happens in VideoHive. I agree, though, it’s the best we can expect in the current scenario but it’s far from fair or ideal.


Just putting it out there. Everybody should do this as they are the rules! Otherwise whats the point? After all It’s only polite and professional.

2. Can I use watermarked assets from Envato Market in my Elements item preview?

Yes, you may use watermarked Envato marketplace items without asking permission, so long as the watermarked Envato marketplace item is shown only in the item preview (ie. not contained in the download file), and you credit the Envato marketplace author of the Envato marketplace item and include the title in the text description on the item upload page.

I have received an answer:

You raise a very topical question and one we are very aware of.

In short, yes they should. But we are aware many don’t.

We currently have an integrity initiative in place to both try and fix the root issue here for this, and an automated way to check new and existing users of these.

It’s in-hand and we hope you will also start to see this reduced over the coming weeks as we move to fix this !

So staff is working on it (yeah!). By the way It looks like there is a new quality in the Community > Staff communication (thanks Will !). Or/and maybe this issue is just extremely important in terms of the copyright law :wink: