Element pack licensing

I’ve bought two copies of Element Pack for Elementor on envato. I can find the purchase code, but not the license key. Can anybody help, please?

Did you get this from code canyon or envato elements?

Hi Charlie,
Confirmation emails come from envato market with a subject of [Code Canyon] Purchase confirmation. Downloads for my account are on https://codecanyon.net/downloads, but that’s styled with the envato market header.

Try this link https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-


Envato purchase code is the key of License. So for getting the license key Customer should to collect their purchased item purchase code.


Thanks, yes I’ve seen that, and I’ve got the purchase code, but for Element Pack I can’t see where to find the License Key. Have contacted them directly but no reply as yet.

The element pack plugin wants a license key in a different format to the purchase code. Attempting to register the plugin with the purchase code doesn’t work.

please post a comment in the Element pack comments page. hope they will help you soon to get it work.

OK thanks, resolved now. The purchase codes were right at the bottom of the support page. Really not a place I’d ever scrolled down to but hey! I’m there now thanks.