Ego Shattering Ironic Rejections

Definition of Irony: When you’ve earned your living for the past 6 years specializing in African Advertising and Documentary Style Music, but can’t get a single new African style track approved by Audiojungle. :blush:

Just wanted to share this and start this topic for anyone wanting to share their frustrations, and that appreciate the humor in their own defeats…

I’ve only submitted three tracks so far and only one has been hard rejected.

At the end of the day it’s all very subjective. One reviewers opinion of a track will be different to another’s.

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let’s hear a track!


I’ve earned my living making logo animations for the past seven years, but I’d be surprised if any of them would be accepted here! Clients seem to like them, and I think they’re pretty good… clean, stylish, simple, but maybe a bit too simple and specific to do well here. I’ve had two accepted, but I think that was just luck… they’re not very good.

My point is that just because you’ve made a living doing music, it doesn’t automatically mean you can also make a living selling music on iTunes, or in the charts, or on Audiojungle etc etc. They’re all very different markets, and you may be great in one, but not all.


Great point SpaceStockFootage.

I’m actually really enjoying the challenge of adapting to a different set of standards. It’s quite a humbling experience, and I believe it’s making me evolve at a much faster pace. Also, the freedom to work in any genre you fancy is quite fun!

Just adapting to the small fish, massive pond scheme…


I played guitar in an Afro pop/dance style band for quite a few years (but have never attempted this style for AJ, partly because the feel is hard to capture with programmed drums) so would be really interested to hear some examples of your work in this genre!

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Hi PaulGraves,

Ask and you shall receive… Here are a couple of ads I did a while back:


Thanks - that’s really interesting to see/hear. I’ll have a proper listen when I’m home this evening.

I think the music definitely works and fits the visuals. Did you write it specifically for these particular adverts? I ask because maybe the issue of getting tracks in this style accepted by AudioJungle is producing something in this style that is generic enough to be easily adapted for a range of different possible uses.

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I’ll keep trying the generic route. One of them will make it!

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I wouldn’t take it personally considering the source. I think micro-stock music has little relevance to the rest of the production music industry. It’s a bit fixated on “corporate” music, despite the attempt to expand towards the higher level broadcast market. While other styles sell in micro-stock, it’s to a much lesser degree. The customers here aren’t very picky and seem to be happy just going to the top seller list over and over again - not because it’s any better than the rest, but because their needs are very simple and the top seller list means no searching required.

I’m now retired from royalty free music. I thought about offering old tracks here, but decided it would be a waste of time. I don’t compose “corporate” tracks and my style doesn’t sell well here. I did a test for about a month or so under a different username and got about 47 sales. One work for hire project for a regular music library generally takes about three weeks to a month and earns at least 10 times those 47 sales. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me to try and compose new music in a style I don’t like for this kind of money when I can just continue to do what I do for more money and enjoy doing it.

So - Why did I remove those old tracks I had here, some may ask? I found out that AJ is a big target for music theft by those who intend to resell it as their own. That’s based not only on the numerous forum posts, but what I’ve see with my own eyes on the internet elsewhere.

The Nosso Banco TVC soundtrack sounds fantastic. Are the logos and tracks you’re upload around this level of quality and interest? I’d say don’t get your Ego Shattered, I think you’ve proven to yourself over 6 years now that what you’re doing is right.