Easily report a problem

Why aren’t we able to easily report a problem with content or authors. There should be a “report a problem” button next to every asset. We have to jump through hoops to complain. I know for a fact this would help get rid of misleading or broken content.

There are many reasons such as -

  1. envato don’t own or support items so any issues need to initially go to authors, who manage this process differently.

  2. You only need to read some of these forums to see her volume of mis-understanding etc that leads to potential confusion around what is or is not an issue. Placing a simple button to report/complain for create huge volumes of tickets/reports that will not be viable to manage either by the author or envato.

There are other reasons too but these are the main ones. It’s still not that complicated to raise issues with Envato Market Help and Support without running the risk of curing one problem to create a bigger one.

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