No easy way to report Envato Market / Forum bugs

So even if I go to Google, or get answers from Envato topics saying that I should use to report a bug (i.e. this topic - - KingDom answer), I CAN’T REPORT THE BUG THERE, I really tried to look all over that place, but I can find it. And even the search in the doesn’t work property.

So I’m attaching two UX bugs of Envato - Envato Forum UX bug that makes me feel embarrassed of my how my profile is represented with the badge image going over the other section, and the second bug is Envato Help / Support - Search, where the search results go over the footer blocks etc.

And I have a suggestion to Envato - just create a SIMPLE ‘Report a Bug’ link in so that everyone would be able to find it at the first step of opening that page, with ability to attach screenshots of the bug.

I’m attaching the bug images bellow, to forward to Envato Q&A team for those who have their contacts.

Bug no. 1 - Envato forums UX bug:


Bug no. 2 - Envato help UX bug:

You can open a ticket at

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It is good that you know this URL. I went to Help & Support and it was no easy way to find something like that. It’s like a secret URL. Anyway, I’ve reported bugs through the link you gave, including a request to add ‘Report a bug’ link in some visible place.

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Yep, it’s pretty hidden. To find it normally you must go to an article on the help site, scroll all the way down, and then there’s a small link to open a ticket.

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One more bug - forum navigation UX / CSS bug:

I don’t have any of these problems. What browser are you using?

I tried with four browsers - Microsoft Edge (newest) and Internet Explorer 11 (newest). Both are supported and world-known browser. I’ve also tried on Opera (newest) and on Tor (newest). All gives the same issue.

Text doesn’t have css rule padding in Settings -> Featured Item


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No offense, but all 4 mentioned browsers are considered “exotics” in modern world. There is one thing you’re right though - they are all world-known, but I doubt we put the same meaning in this term. :slight_smile:

No offense meant - just cold facts. Here is my server Analytics data and I have pretty decent page-view numbers from more than 60 countries around the world:

In comparison - there are world-known super-cars, which only runs on ethanol. Does this mean all public gas stations have a bug, because non of them offer such fuel for a wold-known car?

Tor is built upon Firefox so only 3 of his mentioned browsers are technically in that category.

However, Envato’s web design team is not full of amateurs and they should be able to support these browsers. Funnily enough I tried Internet Explorer, Edge, and Firefox (all latest version), and did not see any of the issues in this thread.