Earnings Stats are not updating

The stats at the Earnings tab are not updating. Anybody else has this issue?

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hi buddy, yes me too , no i am kidding lol, i just did not sell any item today lol , but maybe we all have to check about what u mentioned too :wink:

Yes, the stats aren’t updating on Earnings page after introducing the new feature.
This issue is already been mentioned in that topic and hope that it will be fixed soon.

Same here !!

Yea already reported it to envato, trough twitter and opened a ticket.

Still not upgraded. Hope it will be fixed soon

Same for me

Same for me too.

+1 Same here

Heya. Devs are aware of the issue and will be looking into it. Thanks for letting us know! :smiley:


the same for me!

For Me Too… :fork_and_knife:

Me too :hushed:

The same problem. I write the wrong paypal where money can not come, but I changed it. Money disappeared.I have 2 useless messages from support but I still have “Your withdrawals will be processed on October 15, 2015” on the wrong paypal! Although I write the right paypal! I just don’t know to do…almost 3 weeks without a solution

  • EARNINGS TAB updated itself for sales until Friday (6th Nov) , but not reflecting the sales made for Saturday.

  • STATEMENTS TAB seems fine, nothing seems wrong there.

This is my case friends.

Glad to hear it is being taken care of. Hopefully it does not affect popular stats or receiving payments

Same here !!

Same here!

2 days, the earnings are still not displaying since 7th of November. Maybe that the reason for the drop in sales?

definitely -no)

Author Dashboard Plus works fine and sales go in their usual way