Top selling countries displayed on the Earnings page

Howdy all,

As part of hack fortnight at Envato we have been working on adding your top countries by sales to the Earnings page. We are happy to report that the first iteration of this is now live!

Drilling down to different days and months will make the country list auto update in unison with your earnings graph for any sales made from February 2015. Have a play and let us know what you think!


Awesome news! We’ll play for sure :wink: Thanks, Envato.

Oh wow, awesome :slight_smile:

This is a really cool improvement, thank you!

It’s very nice! Thanks!!!

Great new feature! Thanks! :slight_smile:

US represents almost half of my sales YAY!!! but thank you, this is a great new feature.

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Nice feature guys!

Wow, just awesome.

Nice work !

Cool work. Any chance of making the earnings line end on the current day/month? That is, disconnected from the next month / next day?

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Good work from envato :slight_smile:

cool stuff

US is the most country with 30% of my net earnings :frowning:

Now I know that US gives me 27% of all my earnings. It’s really interesting what will happen with this number in 2016, when Envato will be more friendly for US buyers.

Very interesting, thanks Envato

Such a great feature! Thanks Envato team!

US buyers are well over 50% for me. The US must love a bit of space action! UK and Canada second and third.

Awesome news!!

Any chance to hide the country box? when not needed? The graph looks congested now.


Yeah, I was thinking that. It can;t really be made any smaller as they’ve made it in-line with the boxes above… but a hide option would be nice.