Earnings Stats are not updating

You can’t say “definitely no” maybe yours go well, but I have a drop since the earnings stopped displaying the data. It was just a quess.

Same heare mad dog. Massive drop of sales. For a month now we did not have such bad sales on a weekend

Maybe this feature make our sale down same as your @mad_dog

I say so because i can’t see real influence of Authors’ dashboards earning features problems on sellers activity =)

Also we know that it’s a global problem, but it didn’t make global drop sales.

I also think this earnings stats bug is a reason behind dropping sales. I got no sales since 6th November which is really unusual :frowning:

I think the problem is not significant, and Envato will fix it soon:)

if so, forum should be overflowed with themes and comments about this.

I don’t think statistics can influence sales…I rather think it’s because in USA the Thanksgiving day is close (26 November) and people are busy with something else. Let’s not forget that ~ 20-50% of buyers are from USA.

Yes me too

Same here!

More than two days without updating Earnings. Fix it guys! :confused:

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Yea I just saw that partially it’s updated but just partially

We have to wait :frowning: - They don’t work on weekends.

same here… it is like a microsoft, every update will create new bug :smiley:

Just noticed - fixed!

fixed for me too, thanks!

I am having the same problem! I only noticed that after I read this thread! !!

how did it fix?

By itself.

are the green numbers our money ? right?