Earnings Report Discussion (February 2022)

Elements report looks a bit suspicious. The total payout is too low to yearly average, in the report`s page some days show only 0.01$ income (what I haven’t seen in the past) or even some days are missing with even 0.00$. Do you guys see something similar on your report page?

I have everything as usual, but my income is low, but I am already used to a drop in income in the elements

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Check out your January 2022 updates, it’s available now… very soon, hopefully it stays that way in the future :slight_smile:


Yes thanks

The payment for the last (31st) day is missing.

Now regarding January. I do have 630 video items and only 2.3$ for the 1st of January. While my friend (newbie with almost “copy-cat” items to mine) has only 100 items and 1.3$ for the 1st of January. How is this so?

Turn on “Before tax”, earnings “after tax” have significant delay.

Is it a joke? Let’s see:

  1. One day,
  2. Extra dollar of earnings,
  3. Subjective comparison of items

What conclusions did you made from this data?


Maybe you’re right, I should wait for another day.

P.s. @atamotion taip kaip tipinis Lietuvis, jei kazkas atsauna neigiamo, tai Like :slight_smile:

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Just replying to @Bokstas in Lithuanian language as were from the same country :smiley:

Na man irgi pasirode kad gal ne viskas ten taip mistiska kaip atrodo :smiley: Gal jo nauji 100 video gauna daugiau atsisiuntimu nes yra nauji - labiau matomi kai klientai ziuri naujus failus. O tavo senesni jau nugule kituose puslapiuose, neberodomi tarp nauju na ir sunkiau juos rast galbut :smiley: Ir dar n visokiu nuansu.

I’m uploading in “every” month. But income never rises. Sometimes falling but in general, income rate has an average. I thought when you upload more, you will earn more. I have 114 PSD Mockup(18 Mockup under review right now), 42 motion graphics, and 9 graphic elements and still, I’m earning the same average from 6 months ago.

I’m not really happy with this.

Edit: I double-checked and I see I’m earning the same average rate from May 2021.

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Well some of your old items perhaps are less downloaded with time, but then you upload something new just in time to keep the same level of income. And so it goes in circles. Atleast that’s my theory on this matter :thinking:


Same here. More than 400items added in recent years. EE average income increased 5-10% in recent 1y.

I guess the answer to all this is huge competition. You need to upload more to keep average earnings and not decreasing, because there are too many authors, so customers have more and more options to download from different authors and money doesn’t go to the same baskets like a couple of years ago, when authors community was smaller than now.


400 on top of 200 should make an impact. What I truly notice (and I believe others too) is every time there is some sort of bug, and calculation needs manual intervention right after everything is being fixed income increase significantly.

Yesterday(6th of January earnings) we’ve made x10 the daily average, dunno if others experienced the same. Today is x0.7 the daily average.


Congratulations! For me, this month started with a 20% increase in the daily average.


huge drop in January. Is this normal for elements too ? how are you guys?

It is report for January.

Yes, you are right, I am completely confused :slight_smile:

Just an FYI… Elements had 750K stock videos in May 2020 and it now has 2.2m, so the competition has tripled in just under two years.


Totally right. We have overpopulation of items and authors if you compare these days with one or two years ago in Elements (and Videohive too). But anyway, in my case Elements earnings haven’t decreased so far (:pray::pray::pray:). I guess it depends on how many items we upload to keep average earnings and some months more than average if possible.