Dropbox Folders to be private soon where to host images for profiles

Hi Audiojunglers, I would be really glad to hear your opinions about best way to host images files for profiles icons, adverts, and so on. Until now I used dropbox but seems they are going to change the public folder usage and convert it into private so no way to continue with dropbox.

Hi there - I just spent Sunday afternoon moving from Dropbox to Google Drive for hosting. Wednesday when Dropbox changes will be painful for some users I am sure. Hope it works out well for you! :slight_smile:

Really good advice. I think it is a very good alternative to dropbox so I will stand by Google Drive this time. Thank you very much for such good idea gballx! :slight_smile:

Try GitHub, I use it for fonts but you can host images there, as well.

https://mega.nz/ 50GB is free.

I believe you can still use shared links to files in your dropbox public folder, in this screenshot you can see the various artwork files for my AJ profile page, and you just select a file and copy the public link. Then that html link will still work after March 15th, at least that’s what they promised on the Dropbox information page.


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I use:
Very cool service)

I have done the same with my banners and artwork… let’s see if it still works after tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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It’s just like waiting for the Millenium bug back in 2000…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…tick…


I hope everyone migrated their images / files from Dropbox public folder successfully without any major hiccups.

All is well here… still using dropbox :slight_smile:

Working fine for me today! (I didn’t have to change anything anyway)

Still lazy dropbox user and working … I hope someday there is not a nuclear bomb alert to move away because i’m the one to stay at home waiting relaxed for the worse

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well crap… my images do not longer work via dropbox.
Time to move on i guess.

Oh dear… I spoke too soon. Mine are all stuffed. Bugger

I need a solution :fearful:

I am now using OneDrive … is there any other option?

I’ve gone and uploaded all my pictures onto PhotoBucket instead, everything is working well. Now I’m doing the boring tedious task of copying new links to every single one of my portfolio… this will take a while! :frowning: