Image & Asset Storage for Authors?


Hey all, I’m about to get serious here on AJ, and was wondering where everyone stores their media like images, buttons etc. for their pages. It seems that the majority is using Amazon Cloudfront I think. I can’t fathom the pricing for it though but it must be cheap. Any info on that is appreciated!



As I understand, you need a photo hosting.

For these purposes you can use the Google drive. There is a free store up to 15 GB of data. But for insert pictures in HTML code, you need to receive a direct link to the image file. For this purpose there is a special service. Also you can found this link by viewing the source code of the html page (Google drive) that references the file.

I hope that this information will be useful for you.


Thanks man, I really appreciate the feedback. I have been looking at a lot of the top authors and it seems they are all using Amazon Cloudfront for asset storage. I guess I was confused as to whether Envato was hosting them once they get to higher levels like Elite or if that is the preferred asset storage service for some reason.


Thanks, that’s what I was searching for, especially now that Dropbox dropped their Public folder :+1:


As an update, I tried to use Google Photo but getting links that worked was a mess and ended up ultimately not working. I ended up using Google drive and this trick from YouTube which makes it really simple. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
Linking to Photos on Google Drive


Always glad to help :slight_smile:


I thought Google Drive hosting had stopped working? I was using it until I received a notice telling me the service was discontinued. After that all my images stopped displaying, and I had to host them on my own website server. Don’t tell me I wasted my time for nothing!


I store my images and buttons on my computer…


It’s working for me, I just recently set it up…


You mean you’re using your own computer as a server and it’s always on?


Of course not…To be honest I don’t know why you want to store images and buttons if you are trying to be serious on Audiojungle? Can you elaborate a little (seemingly other people understood you well but i can’t imagine what you are talking about (in the context of audiojungle that is…)


Oh I see now…I forgot that not everyone has their own site as I do… sorry for confusion


Using custom images for your collections, or an image for your tracks or social media buttons and all that sort of stuff…


Oh I see now…I forgot that not everyone has their own site as I do… sorry for confusion


Hey InLight-Tone,
i had the same dilemma and i found this one for photos that work really well for me,

also these ones can be very useful if you want to make your description text stand out


anyway these were very useful to me when i uploaded my first project which was a few days ago :)…

best regards


Thanks for those links. I guess I tend to shy away from those other services as if they go out of business, then there goes all our artwork and links. I’m pretty sure Google is here to stay…:grinning:


Very good point, actually, i am going to follow your advice :smiley:


Don’t know why it’s not working for me then… will have to look into it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :slight_smile:


Did you watch that video I linked to above? It’s a little tricky to generate and create the proper link but not too hard…


I had overlooked it, as I thought it was the same trick I had already used. But it seems it’s a different tricks. Which means I’d have to redo all my item’s description, bummer. So I guess I’ll keep using my own server. Wouldn’t want to be hit with one of their new policy and/or technical changes once again.