my dumb mistake (need photo hosting recommendations)

for a long time I’ve had a website with details about my private guitar lessons, but a few weeks ago i decided the website was pretty redundant and made the decision to delete it. Just this morning it suddenly hit me that all the images on my AJ item descriptions were hosted on that website! now my item descriptions are rows of little blue boxes :frowning:

So I’m going to have to find somewhere to host these images, then redo the html for all 108 items!

Any recommendations for where to host them?


Google Drive has been reliable for me and GDURL to make the permalinks.


imgur has worked out well for me thus far…

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Hi. I have used TinyPic, just make sure you sign up for a free account first, I didn’t (for some reason) and have found out that they will probably get deleted after 90 days. So that means redoing all the HTML and uploading! With the account they stay up there.

Great tracks by the way!


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thanks guys, i will check these out