A better alternative to Photobucket to host items photos

Hi guys, what hosting service are you using to host your AJ items’ photos?
I got a big problem with Photobucket. Suddenly all my photos seem to have been deleted from my albums there. Most certainly it’s a problem related to their servers or something to do with wrong code on the site, I don’t know, but It’s a really annoying situation 'cause I’m hosting all my AJ photos there and, as I have a free account, I don’t have a way to contact support. Now my AJ profile and items pages are a complete mess!! :frowning:
Can you help me with a good free alternative to host my AJ photos, please?

Thanks a lot!

I was having problems with Photobucket as well. A few months ago I switched over to https://cloudinary.com/. Haven’t had any problems yet.


Thanks a lot @ElevateAudio, I’m going to give it a try.

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dropbox, imgur, google drive, box.com, your own website / host, a $5 a month digital ocean droplet… there are loads and loads of places to host images, it depends on what features you want and how much you want to pay

@Gareth_Gillman I have a Google drive and tried to host some photos there but couldn’t find a way to manage it to work with direct links for them to display on my AJ pages. That option would be the greatest one for me as I don’t need to edit images online. What am I missing here?

You used to be able too but looks like GD has made it very hard to do, they don’t want you embedding images from there it seems, I use Dropbox and it’s really simple so might be the next best solution

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Thanks a lot @Gareth_Gillman I also have an Outlook account almost forgotten as I don’t use it for years, will give Dropbox a try.

https://cloudup.com/ is also advisable

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You get up to 2 GBytes of storage for free with Dropbox. Some pretty good functionality too.

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Thank you very much for your help guys, my problem is now already solved and after spending a couple of hours uploading photos and changing links my AJ pages are OK again! :slight_smile:
I tried Dropbox but I would have to spend too much time editing links and the service is a bit slow. I ended up opting for Cloudinary. Their free service is better than most payed ones, I guess. Loads of pro options, super fast servers, very user friendly and includes support. Thanks one more time for your advice @ElevateAudio.

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Glad it’s working out for you so quickly! I had the same experience. :slight_smile:

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Own website hosting is better imo. In case if you need to change some banners, your image URL will be the same and you don’t need to change the code in every item.


Google Drive is the way to go because it’s well, uh Google and they ain’t going anywhere. Watch this video, it’s real easy to get a direct link…
Hosting Images on Google Drive

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I was going to do this but my host Bluehost, specifically says not to store assets that aren’t directly related and used on your website, so I chickened out…

Actually I don’t have a website yet nor a payed dedicated hosting service and, from what I’ve heard, free websites hosting tend to be slower and give you less monthly bandwidth then free photo/video dedicated hosts so it wouldn’t be the best option for me. Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

I used google photo now. It work well as i want.

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Thanks for the video, nice to know that’s possible to host photos on Google Drive. Anyway, probably I would have spent more then the double of the time to get the links to work then I spent on Cloudinay and it seems that kind of hosting is not the ideal to deliver pictures/video for websites. It tends to be slower, from what I was told. Besides that, look at this free service:

Cloudinary Plan & Limits

Free Plan

7,500 Monthly Transformations
75,000 + 150,000 Extra Total Images
2 GB + 1.5 GB Extra Managed Storage
5 GB + 3 GB Extra Monthly Viewing Bandwidth

And you have all the pro features at your disposal if you have your own website to host your pictures/video there, with a framework for SDK for you to download.

Anyway, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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That, most certainly, is a much better option to host photos compared to Google Drive or Dropbox because it is a dedicated service for the matter. I didn’t know about it so I didn’t gave it a try but for now I’m fine with Cloudinary. Let’s hope I keep this feeling in the future! :wink:

Yeah, for the last 5 months (since Feb.) I’m using Cloudinary to host my Photos and Videos with no probs at all. Great service so far!!