Dropbox Public Folder Support Ending

Today I received an email from Dropbox saying that the support for the public folder will end in March 2017.

I guess I’m not the only one here who is using it to put images on Envato item pages… I’m afraid I’ll have to change the HTML on all of my more than 1,000 item pages now… do I?

I can’t find out if paying Dropbox customers have the same issue, does anyone know?

Envato pages might get flooded by dead image links, and so does the whole internet.

I hope I’m wrong.

Oh my… i still have to read that email but what a hassle indeed to re-upload all the images to a new hosting website.
Hopefully they just mean the root dropbox shared folders, and that we can still have our images, and that we can still share files in the public folder.


I thought i was the only one to have thumbnails pics and all that stuff on my dropbox public folder

Yes I got the same email yesterday, and I’m using dropbox public folder to show all my collections in my 500+ items. :cold_sweat: I’ll contact their support to know if there’s an easy workaround

I guess there is no workaround because you switched to Google? Did you paste your new HTML into all of your items by hand?

Yes unfortunately I had to do it for 500 items :unamused:

Sounds like fun! :sweat_smile:

900+ items reworked for me - dropbox to google drive…nightmare.