Downloads Preview in Analitics

Hey all!

There is a suggestion, it would be nice to add a function on the analytics page that would show how many times the preview file was downloaded by clients.
This would give us more information about our tracks and customer preferences.

It might look something like this:Analytics

What do you think, guys? Please share your opinion.

Or maybe already somewhere there is such a function, but I do not know?


Great idea, but how you make the difference between clients and videohivers, because they either need to download our previews? :slight_smile:


Great idea !

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Hello @DenBass

You can give site feedback here

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @DenBass this is a good idea and most of us authors would love to have it in the analytics. However that idea was already asked in forum in the past but till now nothing was done. Check to old post Counter downloaded audio preview
Hope this time something can be done!
Lets share our opinion and put as much voices as possible. Thank you for opening again this improvement to the analytics.

I totally agree!


Thanks! I think if there was at least general information about the number of downloads, it would already be very useful.

Thank you, I was looking for at least some information about this and did not find this post.

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I had a situation, I deleted the track because they did not buy it, and suddenly a letter came to the post office asking a question from the client, where did the track go? That’s how I made a mistake. so you can look at the data and be sure that your tracks are interested

Yes, I also had this, and I think that many authors have probably come across this.