Double exposure photoshop action

Hi< I just signed up for Envato and am trying to use the Double exposure photo action add in. Everything started OK but when a press play for step one the action got to “Select and Mask” and has been processing/rendering for 2 hours now. How long does something like this usually take. not more than 2 minutes usually?? sixe of the image is 300dpi, about 2500px x 3500px, in RGB. Any ideas why it would take this long. I will try killing the program and starting it again. But this is an unreasonable wait time.

Every action I’ve used has taken less than 30 seconds to complete, though I haven’t tried with one that high res. I’m guessing your image size is what’s causing it to take so long, but it also depends on your computer specs.

Hi, I don’t think it’s my computer … it’s a new Dell G7 i7 with Nvidia graphics card. I’s handled a lot more than this. It just seems to get stuck on “Select & Mask” within the action. It gets there in about 3 seconds then just hangs … I will try to action with a different set of pictures to see if that helps.