Can I get help from Envato Team members or moderators?



Hello, I have submitted Photoshop Action since 8 days but there’s no reply. Is anything bad happened? how many days they take to review? :slight_smile:


I’ve seen that 3-4 days for Add-ons in help centre.


These days it goes slow review and I waited for a week.


I have a 10 day pending submission :cry:


ooops!, May I know the category? Vector, logo or action?




it depends much on categories, i waited for about 5 days in the flyer one … however, u should also make sure that u did not receive a hard rejection email that ended up in your spam … can u still see the item being queued? if so this is safe , just need to wait and be patient :slight_smile: un know multi million dollar companies do not have enough money to hire a couple of additional reviewers, though they have some to take over an other company and try to kill us all … i guess that has to be a matter of priority lol


reaction lol


T shirt design and logo :smiley:


Woooow your actions are so realistic and high quality! very good…


un known multi million company lol :joy:


now 9th day but still in the queue.


Thank you


who is unknown? what do u think they have almost a monopoly buddy … they make millions with all transactions from all marketplaces … they get huge fees on every item / every sale, wake up buddy


HeHe, Yeah. I know … They have business in trilllions ,