Help with Actions that don't finish..

I am having a real devil of a time getting many of my photoshop bundle actions to run to completion.

I am running the Spirit Action and the Author is IHEMALAYA. I keep getting the same error and not sure what it means or why it’s appearing! The main error is

"Warning no pixels are more than 50%selected. The selection edges will not be visible

I have my brushes set too 100% so that’s not the issue. Please help, I am so frustrated. I want to work on a picture of my son and can’t get this to work.

It is not error in action but it is message that photoshop can’t do play this step for some reason, in this case cannot select area on photo… Try changing contrast on your image and play action again and try more different photos.

It hasn’t worked on any photos that I have tried… so why not?

You will not get an answer here on the forum why you have a problem with this, for someone to help you it must have the same action and view in detail what it is about…

Contact the author and ask help: iHemalaya's profile on GraphicRiver