photoshop action stalls

hi … hope someone can help. i have a folder of images; about a hundred, it’s a time lapse, so images are slightly different, but not radically different. i have several actions i’ve bought from envato, same problem with all of them … ie i think it’s a photoshop problem.

i convert the raws in the folder to large jpegs. open the first in ps cc 2018, start a new action, and am recording that action. create layer / rename brush or profactions etc … brush in area i want to effect … go down to an envato action … say architectural chalk … hilite play … that action starts, goes through the procedure and chalks up the portion of the image i brushed. all good. when that’s finished … i save the image, then hit stop/record on my custom action … then run scripts / image processor … pick the source folder, pick the destination folder — both on the local drive … select the custom action i made and hit go.

ps makes its way through the folder … processes maybe 20 or 30 … then stops … and says it failed to process the rest … no error, no reason. happens every time … almost like a cache is full or something.

i’ve dumped out the adobe caches before starting this … turned other apps off … so ps can operate free and clear … still happens … if i give it a short order, ie a folder with maybe 15 jpegs or so … it can handle it … but with a folder with a hundred or so … – i did say this is a time lapse … it stalls out … any ideas …

Have you checked your setting when you click to apply the action for all photos? Or can you screenshot your computer, it is really hard to help if we can not image your situation

Siempre puedes ver los tutoriales sobre aplicaciones para editar fotos que hay en la red.