Dos and Donts of Uploading

I should have posted this earelier but I guess this would be the time I should ask it. Please enlighten me with what exactly are the things that slow down the process of approval.

I have an old account but I am new to product release here at envato. My app has been soft rejected 4th time in a row now and I feel so much frustrated right now.

  • Initial Upload: My first upload was rejected after 3 days of uploading with reason “Missing offline documentation” (even though I mentioned clearly the docs are hosted online for proper versioning and supporting older versions as releases progress).

  • 1st Revision: I added enough information on how can you access online docs with a proper offline webpage (but a big mistake) and it was rejected with the same reason after 2 days of uploading

  • 2nd Revision: I added a complete offline version of docs and now this time it was rejected after 5 days for using md5() function as using this function is not secure, even thought the line where md5() was used a comment clearly stated that a third party sends us an md5() encrypted string and we could do nothing but use md5() to decryprt (and yes using this is safe in this case)

  • 4th Revision: I used alternative ways to bypass the use of md5() and ended up uploading this last revision which had been in reviews for 10th day now and this time it has been rejected because there was some unused (commented) code present in files (merely 12 lines in 4 files combined).

Long story short all these things could have been reviewed and could have been communicated in a single review the average time for items on codecanyon is 2 days but they are constantly rejecting my item and I am so much frustrated right now and at this point I am too afraid to send another revision just to get rejected after maybe 15 days for some other reason which could have been communicated now.

these 4 things could have took me hardly 2 hours to fix entirely if communicated properly and might have saved so much effort put in by reviewers.

Now I need the experts to tell me what could be other reasons that might get my item rejected again so I fix this before reviewers get a chance to reject again.

Thank you so much if you are still reading and can help me here.

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Check this one:

You may find some information that would help you to solve the time but remember, that you’re getting experienced while the submission process and you’re not gonna make those mistakes again for the next one.

After a while, you’d be ready to submit the item without any delay.

Thank you for providing these resource, I have been through them already. I seriously have no objection with rejections but I mean providing feedback on such small things one at a time, while they were there since very first upload, is neither productive for me or the reviewers.

But anyways thank you for responding.

I cannot believe my item was rejected again after 7th day of being in queue for a comment which is not even a comment but just “//” in code and the reviewer rejected it by saying it is unused code. And upon looking it was a Composer package’s code. I don’t know what is happening but there’s a serious problem in envato’s review process. I mean what’s even the purpose of revieweing a file which is the part of “node_modules” or “vendor” directory.

I cannt comprehend the fact that Envato is a real marketplace.

It happens. Check also CSS/JS files for “unused” codes or the codes you live for the “in-case” issues. You gotta clean those-up.

I have purchased multiple items from envato and I recently have tried reviewing their code. I found md5() in one of them. Almost all of them have unused/commented code in multiple places. There are a hell lot of static values and forced truthy (like if(true)) conditions, and whatnot. I wonder how these items have gone through reviewer unnoticed?

There’re different reviewers, when the other one checks and finds out, you will be notified as well to get it fixed.

But it’s also possible sometime human error, they may miss it.

Don’t despair. Arm yourself with patience, it’s like that for everyone. In fact, getting soft rejects is 1 million times better than a bland hard reject, so consider yourself already on the good path.

Make sure all your libraries don’t use cdn, make sure they use the LATEST version (jquery, any css libs, etc). If you don’t use latest libs, you’ll get a “don’t use outdated libs”.

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Thanks mate. This really is helpful.