Don't you think Envato should implement a invite strategy similar to Dribbble?

Hello Envato Users,

I hope everyone is enjoying their time at Envato Market. But as discussed in previous post about quality measures… Here arises a question that is Envato approving some low quality products, and yes many were in support of it. So let’s discuss further on it. I wanted you guys to ask that should envato implement a invite strategy that is similar to Dribbble. That is the one will allowed to sell on the envato market if and if only he is invited by a seller on envato market so as to reduce low quality products also the review time of the envato should be improved, as now-a-day it is taking average of 17 days to get items reviewed on themeforest as per their quality time estimate website… So what do you guys think on this, do share your Views and Opinions…
Thank You…!

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A great point, I think Envato should think about it. Especially after their market are already quite saturated now :wink:

What if the people invited create low quality products?


I’m not sure that this would work to control quality standards (but still a good suggestion).

I’d quite like to see them bring back the author quiz that existed previously but to also make or quite a bit harder, using randomised questions (like Google Partner courses have) that prevent people from cheating.

Make it an actual assessment of if people have the knowledge, technical skills and importantly understanding of how the marketplace operates and expectations of being an author.


Sounds good, will love to see it soon around…

Only those people will be invited who have a good portfolio, as the players of Dribbble give away invites to only those who have a great portfolio, around a season of time they start asking people for their portfolio links and select only those who are the best… Players of Dribbble will understand it much better… So at last for sure best quality is resulted…!

Believe me, i am for sure it will result in better quality standards, and also help in lowering the review times of new product submissions… As you can check over here that the product review time has been increased over multiple times to now 17 days of average for themeforest which is really a big concern…! Also you can check that latest approvals are of very low quality now-a-day coming from new authors…

It won’t work and it’s too late.

Actually, 17 days (while far from ideal) is less than it was not that long ago.

The thing not to forget (and I know it’s an elephant in the room!), is that while yes there are steps envato are/can/should be taking to improve quality, review time and more, it’s all too easy to ignore the face that a huge cause of inconsistent quality, delayed reviews, increased support tickets and general frustration is often beyond envato’s control.

You only need to look at the “item rejected” threads in forums to see examples (and I would be certain there is a huge % which don’t come to forums) of items that are way off the required standard - we already know what a big % of submissions are rejected generally. If these authors took the time to review the necessary standards, had the skills to deliver best practice work, and simply had the level of respect to other authors and understanding of what it takes to be successful here (rather than being single-mindedly focussed on quick earning), then it would drastically reduce the review queues, lead to higher quality work and so on.



It might result in more items getting approved, and less items getting rejected, but I’m not sure how it would change the quality of what is getting accepted. If you feel low quality items are being accepted currently, then an invite only system wouldn’t really change that… it’s very unlikely that all the stuff from these invited people would be considerably better than all the current stuff that is submitted.

And a lot of the people being invited will likely already sell here… and if they don’t then there’s probably a reason for that. It’s more likely that a designer has already heard of Envato than they haven’t. Not to forget the bunch of great talent that might want to upload here but don’t have an invite… you wouldn’t want to shut them out.

For the small amount of people that haven’t heard of Envato but would like to sell here… an invite system could be a good idea. Maybe with a referral cut, say 5% of their first year’s earnings. Although we need more customers, not more sellers, so not sure how likely that would be.

And who gives out the invites? Authors? What if the all the borderline (when it comes to quality) authors give out their invites to friends who are slightly less than borderline. Wouldn’t that just result in low quality stuff? If it was a team at Envato then that would just lower their bottom line without providing much of a return.

But yeah, even with an invite system, items still need to be reviewed and the same level.of quality will or won’t be accepted… so I can’t see it changing all that much.

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Envato already has an “invite” strategy…: “Review Procedure”.

I am not talking about referral cut, just a simple invite system similar to Dribbble… No commissions and nothing else… All the authors will be given a limited number of invites per month to invite the best new authors onboard… That’s it…! And as you can see for live example that in Behance anyone can post and you can find many low quality posts but not on Dribbble as the players over there are invited and got selected only if the portfolio presented is good… So it’s a win win for both side… And yes reviews will be there as to comply with the standards of the envato market but the review time will be decreased by a large extent as low quality products won’t be submitted for reviews and a lot more, i hope you understand… You could have understood it much better if you knew Dribbble invites system…

I think I understand the system. Maybe. But my main question is, what would stop me from inviting somebody who isn’t very good?

Yup, that’s why i am giving example of Dribbble as you can see that the quality over there is quite good because of this system as compared to the one Behance that is not implementing this system… And why would one give it to someone who ain’t good? I mean at last it’s all about self respect… The one who is giving out invites might first review the portfolios of all the applicants and then choose the one who is the best and perfect…!

They might give them to their mates, or sell them.

It should follow some instructions like :
Envato’s invitation system aims to increase the number of talented developers & designers and interesting work on Envato—not to draw attention to your profile.
Please do not attempt to sell or buy Envato invitations or pursue fake follows on Envato.
Your account may be suspended or removed if you engage in activity that violates these guidelines.
These are the same as that of Dribbble that is a very nice community for designers and implements this strategy… Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your account being suspended or revoked…
Also the invite wont be given again to that author again next time if the one who is invited is of his/her relationship or not performing well and so on…

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