Does TF die?



When I upload theme there is only WP4.5 to chose … right now WP 4.5.2 is newest version. TF is “biggest” WordPress shop ?


Could we Please avoid using subject names that have nothing to do with the content?
It is quite frustrating clicking on a title thinking something serious has happened, just to learn that there is no 4.5.2 version but only 4.5 when uploading a theme…
I mean, each time you want to open such a thread, maybe it’s worth to ask yourself - what I want to achieve with this? Envato has LOT bigger issues right now than adding some versioning. Maybe stop this and focus your energy on complaining about huge review times that REALLY affect all authors businesses?


If you google for wp themes you can’t find other trusted online stores like TF with this variety of themes. On Pinterest and Behance everyone (at least 90% i’ve ever seen there selling) redirect their projects to TF (or others like GraphicRiver etc…).

WP version, when you choose 4.5 means all “subversions”. In think they should change it in “4.5.x”. But in any case, if they will update that list you can update your item details. But come on you should include this in your post description if you’re creative and you have a cool desctiption followed by a log at the end telling things about your theme, plugins versions etc…



Ok maybe “die” is to big word … But about review queue it’s not their “problem”. Envato Team sad that until June or July nothing will change … their doing “something new” for review and don’t expect that in may something will change. Right now real queue is about 60 days.


It’s very hard to check so many templates everyday. Imagine that they should check everything in your template like licenses for plugins, credits, codes, errors, rigurous coding etc… Hope they will fix this problem.

I remember that long time ago, about 2 years, there was a progress bar which showed you the exact remaining days. It was cool.


Yes I also remember progress bar… but right now the best option is to remove even days/months to do not irritate people :slight_smile: