Dear Envato, TF team (this message to the staff)

Hi there,

As you noticed a few weeks ago WP released its update 5.5 which made a lot of trouble for authors and their clients. And by working with numbers of support messages I have found out hard to communicate with all of them at the same time.

I would love to share some thoughts and open a topic about improvements to the messaging system for authors and their clients.

  1. I would suggest making an ability to mass inform (all clients who purchased) via “comments” section just to have a box where you can type anything you want and it will post a note to all clients at one click. “for example we know the issue which affected all of you please be patient to wait for update” there is no need to report.
  2. The same thing might be implemented in “Edit” or “Upload” forms where " Send a notification to buyers when this update is approved." Tick is. There could be some Text input field too. For example “Users who want to update your current working site, please make a backup before updating, because this is major improvement your data might be at risk” and etc.

I do understand that some of you are using some kind of ticketing system. But again, when someone leaves a comment in TF you at least need to write back where to find it.

Cheers and good luck! If you have any other useful ideas, let’s leave this topic open.

1.) that would be abused

2.) that would be pretty useful

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Thanks for your reply. For both things i meant only input forms for authors (not clients).

I understand, 1.) would be definitely abused. Example: “We just released a new theme, first 100 sales 50% off. Here is the URL”.

I haven’t thought about it. I thought that it somehow could notify some of old clients to reconsider twice before updating something.

I completely agree, this system will be abused by the authors, although it must be admitted that it was a good idea